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Crates for Antiques

Antiques can be extremely meticulous in the way they need to be transported. Most antiques will be easily damaged if too much pressure is applied in the wrong places, they are also prone to abrasions, especially when being packed in wooden crates.


Each antique needs to be considered on its own merits, condition, and make up when determining how to pack it.​ Strong, simple, light crates are always going to work better than heavy, rough, and cumbersome ones. It is also recommended to use soft and sensitive wrapping tissues, as even the pressure from some bubble wrap can harm antiques.

Rebul Crates are the best all-round solution for antiques

Far greater shock absorption

This means that in rough handling or transit, the shock isn’t transferred through the packaging onto the object.

Significant reduction in abrasion

Wooden crates can wear through wrapping materials with the constant movement of the object within the crate. Rebul crates’ soft interior avoids this.

High load-bearing weight

 Rebul Crates can take over 800kg in their standard form and can be reinforced to much greater strengths if needed.

Superior bending strength

 If a load falls onto a plywood crate, the wall is more likely to bow and bend, causing pressure on the object within. Rebul Crates are purposefully designed to have greater bending strength and therefore better protection.


Because Rebul Crates are significantly lighter than wooden crates – in fact only 1/6th the weight – handlers are more likely to treat the crates with care and you face a reduced risk of them being dropped.

Access from any side

Giving you 360-degree access to pack it, rather than trying to wrap it then push it into the crate from one side.

Rebul Australia are the experts in antique handling and shipping



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