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For artworks all around Australia, we custom make the highest strength boxes and crates for paintings, sculptures, mixed media, antiques and bespoke furniture. These artworks are packed and crated for transport regional or international transit, for loans, art fairs, exhibitions or for sale. 


We are committed to helping artists and galleries protect their valuable works. Whatever the makeup of the artwork, we will ensure its best all round protection for safe shipping.

2D artworks refer to those that are created and presented in two dimensions, typically on a flat surface such as paper, canvas, or a screen. Common types of 2D artworks that we regularly handle, pack, crate and ship.

  1. Drawings: Works created using pencils, pens, charcoal, or other drawing materials on paper or other surfaces.

  2. Paintings: Works created using various paints (e.g., oil, acrylic, watercolor) applied to a surface such as canvas, paper, or wood.

  3. Printmaking: Artworks produced by transferring an image from a matrix (such as a woodblock, metal plate, or stone) onto paper or another surface.

  4. Photography: Images captured using cameras and printed or displayed digitally.

  5. Digital Art: Artworks created using digital tools and software, often displayed on screens or printed.

  6. Collage: Artworks created by combining various materials and images onto a surface to form a cohesive composition.

  7. Mixed Media: Artworks that incorporate multiple materials or techniques, often combining drawing, painting, collage, and other methods.

Our packing and crating designs will change entirely depending on the nature of the 2D artwork. Oils will be treated differently to acrylics, framed differently to unframed, flat differently to textured and mixed media works. 

See more examples on the 2D art packing page.

3D Art and Sculpture Crate

Three-dimensional (3D) artworks are those that have depth, height, and width, unlike 2D artworks which are flat. Here are some common types of 3D artworks that we regularly pack, crate and ship.

  1. Sculpture: Perhaps the most traditional form of 3D artwork, using materials like stone, metal, wood, clay, plaster, or mixed media to create three-dimensional forms.

  2. Installation Art: Installation art involves creating an entire environment or immersive experience for viewers. 

  3. Ceramics: Ranging from functional pottery to decorative sculptures. 

  4. Architecture: Buildings and structures that we regularly crate for model makers and artists. 

  5. Textile Art: Fibers, fabrics, and other textile materials to create sculptures, installations, tapestries, and other three-dimensional artworks. 

  6. Glass Art: Glass sculptures, vessels, jewelry, and architectural elements. 

  7. Metalwork: To create sculptures, jewelry, functional objects, and architectural elements. 

  8. Woodworking: To create sculptures, furniture, decorative objects, and architectural features. 

  9. Mixed Media Sculpture: Can be made of multiple materials 

Its only through our long experience of touching, feeling and seeing how these materials and artwork styles are made and can be transported that we can form trusted designs to pack, crate and ship these safely. 

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Rebul Australia are the experts in fine art handling and shipping

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