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Packing Materials

Our range of specialised packing materials offering protective wrapping and packing options, are designed to ensure the highest quality and levels of protection for the most delicate and valuable items in transport. These can be ordered separately or delivered with your custom boxes and crates.


  • Edgeboard: made or cut to any length or profile.

  • Corner Protectors

  • Wrap Around Edgeboard: made to any profile

  • Honeycomb board: in full sheets, made to any thickness or specification, cut to any shape or size.

  • Self-adhesive honeycomb board and foam strips

  • Corrugated board

    • 3mm corrugated

    • 7mm twin flute

    • 8mm twin flute

    • 15mm triwall corrugated

    • supplied in full sheets or cut to size and shape

honeycomb board australia

Wrapping and cushioning

  • Bubble Wrap

  • 3mm Polyfoam wrap – for wrapping artworks

  • 20mm Polyethelene foam

  • for padding, bracing, and support

  • Available in sheets, or cut to any shape or size

  • 3mm, 20mm, or 50mm

  • Foam U-channel – the perfect ‘shock absorber’ for your products

  • Tyvek rolls and sheets – ideal for wrapping unglazed artworks

  • Foam chips – to help nestle objects

  • VCI – Heatshrik, and VCI wrap (anticorrosive)


  • Ratchet straps – to secure motorbikes and machinery

  • Suspension Hooks and plates – to hang artworks, mirrors, and chandeliers

  • Eyelets for ratchet strapping

  • Cardboard, foam, and honeycomb board customised internal supports – blocking and bracing

  • Transport indicators – Tip n Tell and shock indicators

  • Oz Clip® - multi-purpose hanging and security device designed as a permanent attachment to framed artworks.

antique packaging

All additions can be recommended by our expert team

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