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rebul crate

About us

Established in 2002, Rebul Packaging has specialised in making crates that provide the best all round protection for valuable goods needing transport interstate or overseas. The Rebul Crate was developed for this exact purpose.

Rebul continues to achieve this for its clients and are accountable for our crates, dependably delivered all around Australia everyday. We are experienced in customised crating and the protection of valuables, where attention to detail is critically important. Only through experienced design and established process, can we ensure you have the best all round protection, for transport anywhere around the world.

All we do is make customised crates for protecting valuable goods and concentrate all of our efforts on doing it very well. Our unique crate design and manufacturing process enables us to consistently  and dependably deliver high quality crates.

The Rebul promise is to care for each valuable item that our crates protect, as if it were our own.

Our honeycomb board is made from paper processed from wood grown in FSC® Certified, well-managed forests.

Your crate can be quickly and securely delivered anywhere in Australia.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Our People

honeycomb cardboard

“It has been a very fun and interesting journey of learning and exploring my skills. Rebul has a supportive and friendly company culture. I have been given great freedom to make my role my own and have been provided with great opportunities. My managers and co-workers provide support and good guidance, they really care about my feelings. They are the A-Team! Rebul has provided me with professional development opportunities, to apply my skills and knowledge and creative freedom. Rebul is fast growing, and the opportunities are plentiful. There are always new opportunities and different kind of fun projects that come up. I believe Rebul exists to provide sustainable and customisable packaging solutions to suit the client’s needs”

Mars, CNC Operation and Design

What we do

Manufacture honeycomb board, customised boxes, crates and protective transport packaging solutions to prevent damage to delicate and valuables through transport.

Why we do this?
Why do we care so much?

Because what we do matters. We protect what is most meaningful, important and valued.

We protect goods that save lives and improve lifestyles.


We protect art and history that provides freedom, enlightenment, education, culture, significance and meaning

We protect the environment. Paper is the most sustainable transport packaging solution. What are innovating for a better future.

We eliminate transport damage for the most delicate and valuable goods.

We love what we do

We love who we work with. We grow together, we build each other up, we create magic together.

We work for the mission and for the best of the team.

We develop our people.

We are committed. Our leadership team alone has over 120 years of combined expert packaging experience at Rebul!

We love design.

We love to innovate every day.

We love the uniqueness of each challenge and of every item we are entrusted to protect.

We love the stories behind what we protect and the difference it makes.

We are honoured to be trusted with the importance of what we protect and take this very seriously.

Our core values

Caring - For each other, our clients and the things we protect.

Commitment - Showing up every moment of everyday to give ones best for what they believe in.

Communication - Seeks to understand to be understood, whatever it takes.

Curiosity - Filled with wonder about what could be yet pig headedly determined to find out possibilities and the truth.

Positive - Kind natured and optimistic.

Purposeful - Determined to achieve an outcome greater than themselves.

If what we are saying connects with you, we'd love to hear from you:

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