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Internal box & crate supports

Internal crate supports can be necessary depending on the structure, make up and integrity of the crate/box contents. How and where the items are being transported and how many times it needs to be packed/unpacked, are also factors contributing to the amount of internal support necessary.

If your items are to be packed/unpacked numerous times, let us take the ‘science’ out of the packing. We reduce the moving parts by building the protective padding/wrapping into the crate itself. This way, you don’t have to depend on the care of the people packing at the different destinations, to do the right job.

Packing filler and transport protection

Typical uses include:

  • Customised outer packaging

  • Protective internal supports, partitions, and braces for sensitive, delicate and valuable goods

  • Void filler – Dunnage to protect shifting loads within boxes or containers

  • Edge protector

  • Corner supports

  • Weight spreader

  • The base for a carton pallet

  • Sidewall of a heavy-duty box

  • Substitute for wood or polystyrene

bottles in honeycomb board
foam packing blocks

Foam packing blocks

Foam packing blocks are useful in two instances in particular:

  • As a protective packaging alternative to bubble wrapping, a process which can involve two people, taking up valuable time and use costly materials in many metres of bubble wrap. This is particularly true with large items like tables, cabinets etc. The foam is a non abrasive polyethylene foam, so it will not damage the surface it is in contact with.

  • As a easier way to protect odd shaped sculptures, model ships, vases etc. With items such as these, it is important for pressure to be only against the strong part of the item, and for no pressure to be against the delicate part.

Custom box and crate services can include:

honeycomb board edge protection
Honeycomb Board shape cut
honeycomb board australia

Honeycomb edge protection

Shape Cut

Honeycomb Board Crease or Honeycomb Board V Cut

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