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tyvek fine art packaging


Used to protect Fine Art in long-term storage and shipping. Tyvek is the artwork packaging, used by artists, art galleries and museums all over the world.


Tyvek combines the best physical properties of paper, film, and fabric, to offer unique advantages for a wide variety of demanding packaging applications.

Tyvek Features

  • Tyvek has its own natural lubricity and does not contain abrasive filers. This means it will consistently protect sensitive surfaces from any abrasion or rubbing and will not stick like bubble wrap can.

  • With its micro perforations this breathable product prevents condensation and removes the possibility of mould forming.

  • Made of 100% high density polyethylene fibres

  • Resistance to the risk of perforation or tearing, giving real protection against dust.

  • 100% recyclable

  •  pH neutral and antistatic free, meaning it will not ‘off gas’ in storage and damage the artwork.

  • Tyvek is superior to Glassine and Polyethylene sheeting for wrapping of paintings.

  • Tyvek is also water resistant, chemical treatment-free, temperature stable, economical and reusable.

tyvek fine art packaging


2 Dimension artworks: For artworks on canvas, where the art is in direct contact with the packaging, or for oils that are still quite fresh/wet, the very smooth surface of Tyvek is ideal. Tyvek will not stick to or leave marks or impressions on the artwork and will allow the artwork to breath – so no condensation builds up. This is particularly important with sea freight and in humid climates.

3 Dimension artworks: For sculptures this “non-woven” material is preferable for covering foam bracing blocks and cavity linings when packing three-dimensional objects.

Tyvek is suggested for use with all fine art, rare objects and precious metals and can be supplied in a full roll or cut to length (minimum 10 metres per order).

You can order 100 metre tyvek rolls, or 10 metre lengths from our shop. All widths are 1500mm.

Tyvek can be supplied with your crate order to any length, for each individual artwork. You only use what you need for each artwork, have less wastage and less risk of the Tyvek being forgotten to be taken out to the pack site.

Contact us if you have any questions or to order Tyvek for artworks needing protection in relocation or storage.

tyvek fine art packaging

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