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packaging foam

Packaging Foam

EPE or EVA foam sheets or foam packing blocks can be supplied with the crate itself or separately in bulk, taken out on each pack, to help protect valuable items better.

Polyethylene foam


Expanded polyethylene (EPE) foam, comprises closed cell structures and is lauded for its lightweight, semi-rigid, and pliable composition, primarily utlised in packaging for buffering impacts, absorbing shocks, mitigating vibrations, and safeguarding surfaces.

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EPE foam, a cost-efficient variant of expanded polyethylene foam, possesses uncrosslinked cells. Available in sheets, strips or custom cut to any size or shape, or bonded for more advanced internal packaging supports or almost any thickness. Its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio renders it indispensable in basic foam packaging.


Renowned for its adaptability, EPE foam can be easily moulded, formed, routed, and trimmed to size, making it an optimal choice for fabricating custom foam inserts in various cases such as Road Cases, Rebul Crates, Tradeshow crates, crates for electronics and scientific equipment cases. Its attributes extend beyond moldability, showcasing dust-free properties, non-abrasive texture, and commendable thermal insulation. Moreover, it exhibits remarkable resistance to petroleum, crude oil, and most chemicals while more eco-friendly and recyclable than polystyrene packaging inserts. There are more sustainable, high strength, protective, internal packaging supports in honeycomb board sheets.


Applications span a multitude of industries including packaging, automotive, aerospace, electronics, healthcare, construction, sports, marine, and industrial sectors.


Key Attributes:

  • Sheet Dimensions: 2000x1000mm

  • Standard sheet thicknesses: 20mm, 40mm and 50mm. These can be bonded together to be made thicker.

  • Versatile for both domestic and industrial applications

  • Closed cell structure with uniform cell distribution

  • Flexibility and lightweight nature

  • Non-abrasive and non-corrosive

  • Non-toxic with minimal odor

  • High resilience and abrasion resistance

  • Effective thermal insulation and buoyancy

  • Excellent impact resistance and vibration dampening

  • Sound insulation properties

  • Cost-effective and user-friendly



  • Supplied in a range of thicknesses

  • Cut to any size

  • CNC Foam cut to any shape

  • Moulded and bonded to make any internal packaging support shape

  • Purchased in small or large quantities

EVA foam 


EVA foam, short for ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer foam, serves as a versatile alternative to a wide array of materials. It proves to be a viable replacement for natural rubber, vinyl, neoprene, polyurethane, and PVC foams, as well as wood composites, felts, fiberglass, and mineral wool.

As a polymer, EVA exhibits characteristics akin to elastomeric substances in terms of softness and flexibility, while retaining processability similar to other thermoplastics. It boasts notable traits such as clarity, gloss, resilience to low temperatures, resistance to stress-cracking, waterproof properties of hot-melt adhesives, and UV radiation resistance. With enhanced recovery properties, EVA foam emerges as a cost-efficient alternative to rubber across various applications. Its versatility finds expression in a myriad of uses demanding durability, including splints, cervical collars, exercise mats, shoe soles, and orthotic supports.


Beyond these applications, EVA foam finds widespread utility in diverse fields such as production, stage props, transportation, pool toys, armour crafting, archery targets, spa covers, camping mats, yoga blocks, and boat fenders.


Key Features:

  • Suitable for both domestic and industrial use

  • Lightweight and water-resistant

  • Airtight and shatterproof

  • Provides insulation against heat, cold, and sound

  • Offers vibration dampening properties

  • Non-dusting and floats on water

  • Exhibits exceptional strength, tear resistance, and shock absorption

  • Maintains flexibility and is impervious to mildew, mold, rot, and bacteria

  • Resistant to petrol, oils, chemicals, and grease

  • Sheet Dimensions: 1000x1000mm

  • Standard sheet thicknesses: 20mm. These can be bonded together to be made thicker.

  • Versatile for both domestic and industrial applications



  • Supplied in a range of thicknesses

  • Cut to any size

  • CNC Foam cut to any shape

  • Moulded and bonded to make any internal packaging support shape

  • Purchased in small or large quantities

  • Any foam thickness is available in large quantity order

  • Supplied in blocks as self adhesive foam blocks

Any foam thickness is available in large quantity orders

Supplied in blocks as self adhesive foam blocks: The packer will simply remove the yellow film and press the block onto the inside of the crate, where the contact point with the object is going to be. This method enables pressure to be placed exactly where you want it (not where you don’t). These help give all the flexibility needed to get the best packing result for the most complicated of antiques and artworks. The foam can be adhered doubled /tripled etc. onto itself, so you achieve the size / depth of foam support desired. Even better, is that with a simple Stanley knife, the packer can cut / stencil into the foam the perfect contour to best disperse pressure or cushion the surface of the item it is there to protect.

Foam packing blocks are useful in two instances in particular:

  1. As a protective packaging alternative to bubble wrapping, a process which can involve two people, taking up valuable time and use costly materials in many metres of bubble wrap. This is particularly true with large items like tables, cabinets etc. The foam is a non abrasive polyethylene foam, so it will not damage the surface it is in contact with.

  2. As a easier way to protect odd shaped sculptures, model ships, vases etc. With items such as these, it is important for pressure to be only against the strong part of the item, and for no pressure to be against the delicate part.

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