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packing corners

Edge & corner protection

Sharp and dedicate edges and corners are the most important part of a valuable to protect. Edges are especially important to protect when we’re working with things like glass tops, marble, paintings, and frames; as well as any other item with sharp or pointed corners. 

The protection you need for the edges and corners depends on the size, construction, and transportation of your valuables good. Our solution is edgeboard.

Commonly, copious amounts of bubble wrap are used to protect vulnerable edges, however, this is wasteful and environmentally harmful. There are more practical options available, a great alternative is cardboard which can be easily reused and recycled.

Right angle edgeboard 


Edgeboard is used to reinforce the edging and of valuable objects and more commonly the edge of the box or crate during packing and transport.

packing corners
packing corners

Wrap around edgeboard 


A great way to ensure the protection of curved surfaces such as furniture and coils of materials. Made to continuous reel lengths or custom lengths, custom profiles and specifications. Continuous reel lengths of 50 x 50 x 3mm available 

Corner protector edgeboard  


A specialised piece of edgeboard to easily protect delicate corners.

packing corners
packing corners

Honeycomb board


Honeycomb board can be used in addition to edge board or on its own, it has great shock absorptive qualities and can be customised to wrap around corners.

We will ensure the protection of your valuables in transit

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