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Wood Art Crate

Our wood art crates are designed with particular consideration for the easy packing and unpacking for art environments, while ensuring the highest levels of protection for the most delicate and valuable artworks from artists, art galleries and museums.


Regardless of whether the crate is destined for interstate, regional or international shipping, our woods crates have always been and will always be fully export compliant to ISPM15 export regulations.

Wood crates IMG_1493.JPG

Wood art crates will include:

  • Inner Padding and Cushioning: The crate can come fully fitted out with foam sheets or custom cut foam, cardboard or honeycomb board packing inserts to snugly hold the artwork in place and protect it from shocks and vibrations. Secure padding and cushioning will to prevent any movement within the crate.

  • The crate is custom made in every aspect to ensure optimimal transport dimensions to fit through doorways, for truck or airplane, to minimise shipping costs, all without compromise to ensuring the best protection of the artwork

  • Securing Mechanisms: Depending on the nature of the artwork, they can be securely fastened within the crate using straps, foam or honeycomb blocks, OzClips or other securing mechanisms to prevent it from shifting or coming loose during transit.

  • Labelling and Documentation: We can ensure your art wood crate has all the required with handling instructions, directional arrows indicating the correct orientation, and any other relevant information for handlers. Additionally, documentation such as packing lists, insurance information, handling instructions, condition reporting and critical unpacking instructions can be included with the crate.

  • All our export art wood crates are fully enclosed to ensure the highest protection. We use the highest quality plywood, fixtures and finishings to reduce any tiny percentage of risk in handling or transport. This includes rounded edges, special handles, pallet feet, linings and seals.


For wrapping / barrier materials: We recommend and can supply Tyvek, acid-free paper, glassine or speciality bubble wraps more suited to paintings. These barrier materials should be placed directly over the surface of the artwork to protect it from any contact with packing materials or moisture.


For even higher levels of strength, durability and reuse, see more detail on our Touring Exhibition Crates. If you are looking for something lighter and easier, see our Rebul Art Crates.

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