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Rebul Art Crate

Simple, strong, lightweight, one way or reusable.

The Rebul Art Crate ensure the highest levels of attention to detail in crate construction, proven to perform at the highest levels of protection over the last 20 years. 

The Rebul Art crate can provide over 1 tonne of loading strength internally and loaded on top of the crate, yet intentionally looks like a cardboard box so it appears vulnerable to transporters. The psychology of this has proven to improve handling and reduce the risk of damage in transport.


The high loading strength and high bending strength, yet light weight nature is due to the crate's unique honeycomb board construction. Because of these unique qualities, this honeycomb crate has proven better all round handling and protection in transit compared to wood crates.

Each Rebul Art crate is customisable in dimensions and internal fitout, to the level of detail required for sold artworks, loan works, art fairs and touring art exhibitions.

Arts Sculpture IMG_1223.JPG

Better protection that has proven to greatly reduce the risk of many of the most likely risks of damage to valuables during relocation.

No nails or splinters

Safer & no risk of damage to you or your valuables during crating and uncrating.


Rebul crates are a fraction of the weight of wood. Easier carrying equals better carrying.


Better all-round protection & the most environmental solution, made from recycled materials & recyclable.

No fumigation

Fumigation is not required, which means no risk of non compliant crating costs, delays or penalties on export.

Flat packable

To a fraction of the size for ease of storage & reuse on your next move.

No tools needed

Construction is quick, simple, safe & secure.


Easy opening, closing and flat packing for future

Rounded Corners

means no damage to other goods in container during transit.

Strong and durable

Can easily support 1 tonne internally & stacked,  customisable to greater loads & multiple reuse over many

Shock absorbing

Greatly reduces shock, the biggest contributor to damage, more than any other crate design.

Less abrasive

Means no damage to sensitive surfaces, scratching or rubbing during transit; or  to floors, carpets or walls during packing.

Packing access

From all sides of the crate means much better support & protection.

Rebul Australia are the experts in fine art handling and shipping

art packaging supplies


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