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Travelling Exhibition Crate

For over a decade we have worked with artists, galleries, museums and art associations around Australia to ensure the success of their touring exhibitions. Whether the tour travels with specialty art carriers or express freight, our Travelling Exhibition Crates are made to ensure the best protection through all handling environments.

To ensure consistent and safe re-packing, all touring crates are designed using 3D models with an experienced appreciation of the nature of the artworks, budget, tour duration, access, transport type, packing and unpacking environment. Whatever these are, we will provide a travelling exhibition crate option that can suit your tour requirements.


Rebul Travelling Exhibition Crate / Hybrid Crate

  • Reduces the carrying weight of touring crates by more than 6 times. This helps with ease of access to regional galleries in particular.

  • Reduces the total cost of touring crates by 2-3 times, delivered Australia wide.

  • Quick and simple packing

  • Proven through scores of 2-3 years tours at multiple destinations around Australia

  • All internal foam linings for slots, shelves, partitions supplied.

  • Can be flat packed for storage and reuse at a later date

  • Metal and strap carry handles

  • Click here, for more information on Rebul crates


Plywood Travelling Exhibition Crate

  • The traditional travelling crate, with sunken lid and double gasket to ensure the micro environment is maintained with optimum insulation.

  • Constructed with any ply thickness up to 18mm for maximum strength and durability

  • All internal foam linings for slots, shelves, partitions supplied..

  • Metal carry handles


Museum Crates

Similar to plywood travelling exhibition crate, with a few additions:

  • Box within a box construction, to provide safer, easier packing and unpacking as well as numerous levels of insulation for better protection through transit and storage.

  • Painted for extended durability

  • Some more advanced closure system options

Through our extensive experience and ongoing training, we aim to continually bring simplicity and affordability to travelling exhibitions. In doing so, we hope to help more tours to travel and more people to see art exhibited.

Contact Us with any questions you may have or to discuss the requirements for your touring exhibition.

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