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Wood Crates

Export compliant, fully enclosed wood crates, custom made to any dimension, load bearing capacity or functionality.


Everyday Rebul wood crates are trusted to protect the most valuable, sensitive and urgent goods being transported to the most remote parts of regional Australia and exported to the world.


Industries that we supply wood crates to include: Defence, Mining, Scientific equipment, machinery and manufacturers across the board.


No matter the size, intricacy or urgent the design, Rebul wood crates will be made to the highest quality to ensure the best all round protection through transport.

Tradeshow Crates

Rebul Tradeshow Crates are popularly used for tradeshows, exhibitions and demonstrations around Australia because they are affordable for one way use, but are entirely reusable.


The design ensures maximum flexibility with your crating through flat packing and light weight carrying, along with the highest levels of protection. No nails, splinters or cumbersome heavy crates.

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Crates for Manufacturers & Industry

In transporting electronics, there are a number of risks of damage, especially when to electronics are of high value, sensitive and delicate. The biggest risks are: Rough handling/dropping;  Scratching from abrasive materials; Breakage from heavy loads being packed on top; and Breakage from loads shifting into the goods during transit.

Rebul crates are designed to be the ideal electronics crate.

Large & Heavy Crates

All our crates are custom made to the required strength. We do this, because our machine based manufacturing process enables us to make exact dimensions, any dimensions.


Whether one dimension is 15 millimetres or 15 metres, 200 kg or 2 tonne, we can make a crate to do the protection and logistics job it needs to do, delivered when you need it.

What Rebul Crates do, is provide the quickest, easiest way to ensure the best protection of anything valuable. To better demonstrate, here are just a few examples of large crates we have made to export shipments.

large wooden crates

We are experienced carpenters. 
There is no crate too large, intricate or complex.

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