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Travel Frame

A travel frame, also known as a transport frame or shipping frame, is used to protect paintings during transportation, especially when they are being moved over long distances or under conditions where they may be subject to jostling, vibrations, or impacts. Here are some situations when using a travel frame for paintings is advisable:


When shipping or transporting paintings with specialised art carriers, a travel frame can provide an extra layer of protection to prevent damage during transit. For particularly fragile or valuable artworks, or those with protruding elements such as thick impasto, using a travel frame can help prevent damage to delicate areas or surface textures during transportation. Paintings transported by road may be subjected to vibrations, bumps, and sudden movements, especially if they are being transported in vehicles without specialized art transport features. A travel frame can help mitigate the risk of damage from such movements.

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Moving Artworks for Exhibitions: When artworks are being loaned to galleries, museums, or exhibitions, they may need to be transported multiple times. Using a travel frame can help ensure that the paintings arrive at their destination safely and in the same condition as when they left. We would recommend using our OzClips to easily attach to travel frames and hang the artworks.


Storage: When storing paintings for an extended period, particularly in environments where they may be susceptible to humidity, temperature fluctuations, or the risk of being knocked or bumped, using a travel frame can provide added protection.


Travel frames will be lined with foam to ensure the necessarily level of cushioning and shock protection.


If you are concerned about damage to the face of the artworks, especially if they are export artworks, we would recommend a Rebul Art Crate or an Art Wood Crate.

Travel Frame:



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