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Design and Prototyping

Rebul has always been passionate about innovation and design. We specialise in consulting, prototyping and developing new packaging designs and any concepts with cardboard, honeycomb board and timber.


Our product development and design team consist of mechanical and industrial engineers, paper and honeycomb technical specialists, as well as carpenters. We work together to ensure any design we work on is practical to ensure the highest levels of protection, has all the integrity it needs for performance and is scalable for full scale manufacture through our factories.

We have always specialised in being able to design and manufacture the highest strength concepts in paper to have comparative strengths to timber. Our first example of this is the Rebul Crate compared to a wood crate, able to take over a tonne of weight packed on top and over a tonne packed inside a box 100% made of paper.


We push the boundaries of what can we done with strength, protection, shock absorption, reduced abrasion, assembly, reduced packing times, and we can do this because every designer within Rebul has practical production experience with all the materials over a long period of time.


This makes our designs practical from the start, greatly reducing the consultation and prototyping process.  


Send us your napkin sketch, your CAD drawings or SOLIDWORKS files, and we will take your product and ensure the best protective packaging structure around it.

Some unique and special projects we've worked on over the years:

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