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Protecting Oil Paintings in transport

It cannot be stressed enough that most damage in shipping occurs because something comes into contact with the painting surface.

Do not assume that just because it is not an oil painting that it is significantly more durable and does not need proper protection. With oil paintings the greatest danger is fracturing the painting’s film, but acrylics have a softer film; one that can receive one of the following types of damage:

  • Ferrotyping: The transfer of texture from the packing materials to the surface of the painting, sheen alteration in high spots, unwanted surface texture changes.

  • Back and forth movement across the paintings surface: Can be permanent damage such as marring, physical loss of paint, packing materials adhering to the surface

  • Cracking: Due to impact or vibration of the artwork below 4° C, especially if the artwork is relatively new.

Therefore, the biggest challenges in protecting any artworks:

  • Protection from any weight bearing or pressure against the surface of the artwork

  • Shock in rough handling or truck movements

  • Temperature

  • Wrapping and crating each artwork according to its makeup and age.

Rebul Crates are designed to protect paintings better than any other crate:

  • Designed with hundreds of kilograms of load bearing for high strength protection

  • Higher bending strength than plywood crates, thus better protecting the critical face of the artwork from pressure or weight

  • Very high shock absorbency, designed to better sustain dropping, rough handling and truck movements

  • Provides good insulation and humidity buffering

  • Also because Rebul Crates are so light, it means you can fit more artworks in less crates, and be able to carry artworks better.

For oil paintings, we would also recommend two other possible options to ensure better protection:

2. Travelling Frame Crate design – suspending the artwork within the crate

These crates are all used for sold artworks, crating for international art shows and reusable Travelling Exhibition Crates.


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