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Equipment & Electronics Crates

In transporting electronics, there are a number of risks of damage, especially when to electronics are of high value, sensitive and delicate. The biggest risks are: Rough handling/dropping;  Scratching from abrasive materials; Breakage from heavy loads being packed on top; and Breakage from loads shifting into the goods during transit.

Rebul crates are designed to be the ideal electronics crate. It is entirely unique and the best in its class for protective packaging for electronics. It achieves this by:

  • Being the strongest packaging available in Australia for its light weight. Light crates greatly reduce the risk of rough handling, because of easier carrying.

  • The most shock absorbant crating material. This means if packages are dropped or knocked, the Rebul Crates absorbs the shock, rather than transferring it onto the product as wood crates do.

  • 800kg of top-loading strength in a standard crate. This means you get the loading strength of a wood crate, in a much easier to use and more protective crate.

  • Far superior bending strength in the crate wall. Designed to not bend under stress to the same degree as plywood crates or cardboard boxes. Standing up to the dangers in transit better than any other option.

Furthermore, Rebul Crates will:

  • Save time in packing and unpacking

  • Provide the flexibility of reuse

  • Avoid the need for fumigation if transporting overseas

  • Provide the most cost-effective way to ensure the best all round protection for high-value electronics

  • Ensure dependable delivery and high-quality presentation to your clients every time.

See some examples below of what we have done for a number of electronics manufacturers. The crates have been used for trade shows /demonstrations, delivery to clients (other manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers), and relocations. Some of the crates uses include:

  • LG Electronics Australia came to us to help crate five of the latest 84 inch TV’s to travel around Australia over a year to 15 different venues through general freight for, requiring constant packing, unpacking, and reuse. The crate had carry handles, lockable castor wheels,  and internal foam bracing and supports.

  • Twenty crates for washing machines and dishwashers, needing internal foam supports and carry handles, reusable for 12 months, and multiple venue demonstrations.

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities, we are ready to improve the delivery reliability for your products.


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