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Pack Like a Pro: Packing a Finely Crafted Ceramic Artwork

We recently had the pleasure to visit Zhu Ohmu in her studio and pack one of her ceramic pieces for a trip overseas. Zhu crates work that investigates the resurgence of the handmade and the ethics of slow practices amid a contemporary culture of mass production, by layering layer coil upon coil of moist clay to fashion these organic forms.

We custom-built a plywood crate with a foam base, as specified by the purchaser and the artist, and set to work laminating self-adhesive foam strips* from the side of the crate out to just shy of the work itself.

The works were then carefully wrapped in a dual layer of bubble wrap, to fill the gap between the foam and work, and placed inside the crate.

custom fine art packaging

Some final touches of supporting foam to the lid were added, and the side and lid were firmly secured and screwed safely shut ready for the freighters to collect the following morning.

*What are Self-Adhesive Foam Strips?

These convenient strips are made from high-density foam with a powerful adhesive backing. Simply peel, stick, and create a custom cushioning system inside your crate.

Why Choose Self-Adhesive Foam Strips?

  • Effortless Application: No wrestling with bulky packing materials. Just cut the strips to size and apply for a snug fit.

  • Superior Protection: The thick foam absorbs shock and impact, minimizing damage to your valuables.

  • Space Saving: Unlike bulky packing peanuts, foam strips conform to the shape of your items, leaving more room for your products.

  • Multiple Uses: Perfect for electronics, glassware, art pieces, and anything else that needs a little extra TLC during shipping.

How to Pack a Crate with Self-Adhesive Foam Strips:

  1. Measure your crate: Knowing the dimensions helps you plan how much foam you'll need.

  2. Cut the strips: Use a sharp knife or scissors to cut the foam to the desired length.

  3. Laminate them: Build out from the sides to reach your goods to preventing items from shifting.

  4. Line the bottom: Create a cushioned base for your items by applying foam strips to the bottom of the crate.

  5. Secure the top: Apply a final layer of foam strips to the top of the crate before sealing it for complete protection.

Ready to pack with confidence?

Contact us today to discuss our selection of self-adhesive foam strips in various sizes and thicknesses! We offer competitive prices and fast shipping to get you packing like a pro in no time.

Happy Packing!

The Team at Rebul


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