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Tradeshow Crates

Rebul Tradeshow Crates are popularly used for tradeshows, exhibitions and demonstrations around Australia because they are affordable for one way use, but are entirely reusable. The design ensures maximum flexibility with your crating through flat packing and light weight carrying, along with the highest levels of protection. No nails, splinters or cumbersome heavy crates. 

Durability: Our tradeshow crates are made to suit your budget and transport plans. It may be for 2-3 uses or 30 uses over the course of many years.

Strength: Can be made to support well over 1 tonne in weight packed inside and on top.

Flat packable: To save space when at the show, or in storage between shows

Easy to use: No risk of forgetting tools, lost screws. Anyone can pack, unpack or flat pack the crate without any tools.

Delivery: Your crate, delivered as a flat pack to you, anywhere in Australia. Check out our Freight page, and see how we can help get your product to your tradeshow or demonstration quickly and on time, using safe and responsible transporters.

Contact us if you have any questions, we would be pleased to help.


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