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How to pack a motorbike for transport

Most motorcycles are very expensive and often delicate, it is important when packing and transporting them that you do it in the safest possible way. You need to ensure that the bike has restricted movement, no contact to abrasive surfaces, and excessive pressure is not placed on the fork.

motorcycle crate


To prepare the bike for packing it is recommended that you siphon all fuel from the tanks, if shipping is overseas you may need to drain the oil, depending on receiving country requirements. You should ensure that the tyre pressure is around 15psi to create a larger “grip footprint”. Before determining how you are going to pack and send the bike, it is worth establishing what the transport conditions are like, things like whether it will be inside a shipping container, whether it’s going by sea or air, etc.


For the crate, it is recommended that you use one with a very stable base, wide enough to pass each side of the handlebars, and slightly longer than the motorcycle. Hooks should be mounted to the base to attach straps. You should consider the overall weight of the motorcycle and crate, the amount of movement the bike can endure, and whether or not there will be any rubbing against the frame and paint.


We understand how important the safe transit of motorcycles is to the owners, we also understand the safest way to transport one. When it comes to crating motorcycles, they should always be strapped & secured to the base of the crate.

You can then stand the motorcycle on the base and attach it with straps in an angular fashion to the base of the crate, using a triangulated effect to keep it stable. It is worth spending more on good quality ratchet straps, rather than making do with other tie-downs or rope which may slip or break in transit.

It is recommended to only use ratchet straps as ropes slip and loosen, thus are unreliable. A nuclear proof crate won’t prevent a motorcycle from falling over inside if it isn’t tied properly. We can and often do supply ratchets with our crates to encourage this to be done by the packers.

If dimensions for the motorbike are unknown, here are some common/average dimensions to assist:

  • Sports bike (L x W x H): 2200 x 850 x 1200mm

  • Cruiser (L x W x H): 2450 x 950 x 1300mm

  • Vespa’s and similar motorised bikes can be ratchet secured to the base as well. This is wise. Although, because they are not as heavy, they can often be well padded and soft packed inside the crate to prevent them from moving. Accurate dimensions are helpful to ensure the crate supports the bike properly. Generally speaking a safe size for a Vespa/Scooter would be 1850 x 800 x 1300mm.

For added security wood or an alternative board should be placed on either side of the front wheel to avoid it moving around as a result of the suspension in the front fork. The crate can then be closed up and should be shipped with a trusted courier or freight forwarder.

Why Rebul Motorcycle Crates best for protecting motorcycles being transported overseas:

  1. Ease of packing: 360-degree access to the bike and importantly evenly balance the weight. Once this is done, the walls of the crate are built around the motorcycle in 1-2 minutes. Crate complete.

  2. Strength: Designed to protect the motorbike from goods being packed on top of the crate, it is a high load bearing crate.

  3. No fumigation of the crate is required for export

  4. Flat packable and reusable.

  5. Lightweight panels make the crate easy enough for one person to pack, without the need for any tools at all

Rebul offers custom-made motorcycle crates. The crates are light-weight, easy to pack, and the safest transport option.

If you would like some help with crating a motorcycle, we have the experience and most simple and dependable crates for the transport of your motorcycle, please contact us.

motorcycle crate


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