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Latex Mattress Pack

Latex Mattresses Transport is difficult. They weigh 70+kg and the memory foam is easily damaged when flexed. Valued above $3,500, it is an item worth protecting. The most simple and practical solution to alleviating this risk is the Rebul Mattress Pack, which holds the mattress rigid between two high-strength Rebul boards. Any other material would be too flimsy or too heavy. The built-in handles and ratchet straps ensure ease of carrying and reuse over multiple moves.


  • Mattress packed away in just a few minutes

  • Rigid, preventing any mattress flexing, ensuring secure storage

  • Only 7kg in weight

  • 1 set of strong reusable ratchet straps

  • Buy in bulk to help with quick response to moves that have latex mattresses


  • Prevents damage-causing bending of the memory foam.

  • A simple, cost-effective, light, easy and safe solution for one-way/reuse

Available in Single, Queen, and King Mattress Pack sizes, delivered Australia-wide. Email or call to get your mattress packs in store before the busy period, or to get a quotation based on order quantities of 1, 3, 5, and 10 packs.


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