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How to store pianos safely, and maximise your floorspace

A specialised piano company was looking to optimise their floorspace by loading their stored pianos on top of each other.

Some of the requirements that brought on challenges were:

  1. With hundreds of pianos, there was a large variation in the designs and dimensions of each one, and deciding on a common size that wouldn’t allow too much space for pianos to move inside the crate and cause the crate to tip when moved would be difficult.

  2. The crate needed to be strong enough to load over 700 kg on top without any pressure being exerted onto the piano in any way. All weight had to be taken by the crate.

  3. Options needed to provide long term storage protection over many years

  4. Needed to be easily packed and unpacked over years, without the need for tools, and ease of access from any side for safe and practical packing.

  5. Ability to also use the crate to protect pianos being transported interstate

With decades of experience with piano relocation and knowing what is required to move these safely and practically, they were unable to find crating that gave them strength, flexibility, and ease of use. Until they contacted Rebul to explore the options. From our experience of crating pianos, we recommended a size we believed would be most suitable to cover the range of pianos they had.

After being provided with a sample piano crate and performing rigorous load testing over several weeks, they were very impressed and satisfied at the strength achieved with the Rebul Piano Crate. They felt entirely confident in stacking their pianos on top of the Rebul Crate from there on and ordered an initial 40 piano crates to commence their cost and storage-saving exercise.

Now all completed and in place, they are delighted with the results. The Piano crate is a simple modification of The Rebul crate, which has provided protection with there unique honeycomb structure for over 15 years.

If you have any pianos or large heavy items that may need crating, please contact us, we would love to help.


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