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How to pack, crate and freight switchboards: a case study

Recently, we were urgently contacted to have an ‘invaluable’ switchboard packed, crated, and airfreighted from Melbourne to the UK as soon as we could.

With measurements provided, we were on site the following morning and had the switchboard wrapped, packed, crated, and collected by midday. A few days later it arrived safely in the UK without blemish.

Because of the sensitive electronics, shock and pressure are the biggest concern. Due to the height of the unit, it needed to be laid down for airfreight so the lid of the crate was heavily reinforced to support a top load of over 1 tonne.

The switchboard itself weighs approximately 300kg, and after being bubble wrapped, was cushioned with foam supports to avoid any movement. The top of the unit was braced against the reinforcing of the frame, protecting the screen, windows, and electrical components.

The success of this job comes from our years of experience packaging and freighting all kinds of equipment and electronics, giving us the required knowledge to guarantee the safety of valuables throughout the entire process.

Our rebul crate is undoubtedly a safe option.

Switchboard transport considerations

In transporting switchboards interstate or overseas, it is critical to find strong crating, that will protect the sensitive electronics. Loads could face rough transit, shift during freight and, have goods loaded on top. We have developed a strong, simple, and cost-effective solution that alleviates the difficulties of wooden crates.

The Rebul Crate benefits:

1. Far superior shock absorption, ideal for electronics. Wooden crates have very poor shock absorption, and most shock is transferred directly onto the switchboard.

2. Higher bending strength. Plywood crates have a very low bending strength. This means when goods shift inside a truck or shipping container, and pressure is exerted onto the crate, this pressure will be directly applied onto the electrics.

3. No fumigation or risk of non-compliance. If the goods are being transported overseas, wooden crates used must be fumigated and stamped, with risks of non-entry or fines. This is not an issue for Rebul crates.

4. Low abrasion. Unlike wooden crates which can be abrasive, scratching the sensitive surfaces and wearing through wrapping materials

5. No nails. Nails can cause internal damage, as well as make construction and opening of the crate very difficult. Rebul Crates can be completely packed or unpacked in minutes without the need for any tools.

6. Speed of turnaround. Our manufacturing is set up for fast turnaround of custom crates. Sometimes, we understand it is urgent, and we can often deliver within 24 hours from order.

7. Flat packing. All our crates are delivered in simple flat packs to save space while not in use. Taking only 2-3 minutes to fully construct or disassemble by 1 person without tools.

8. Entirely reusable and recyclable. 

With a loading strength of well over 1 tonne, which can be easily be reinforced for even heavier equipment, The Rebul Crate is the ideal protective crating for switchboards.

If you need to transport your switchboards interstate or overseas, allow us to deliver the most practical protection to you, quickly and reliably. We can deliver the next day to capital cities along the east coast of Australia.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to get a quote.


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