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Exporting 16 Pianos Safely in Crates

Along with a number of large and ornate cabinets, an overseas collector purchased a whopping 16 very old and unique pianos and needed them sea freighted to China for sale in perfect condition. As antiques, they were extremely valuable and delicate.

Rebul Crates offered a number of benefits:

  • Flat packing for storage before use, saving lots of space,

  • Time saved in crating each piano with a Rebul Crate compared to a wooden crate,

  • No tools required,

  • No fumigation required in sending the crates overseas,

  • Much easier maneuvering of the crates around the warehouse due to the light weight,

  • Ability to comfortably pack loads on top of the pianos in the container without concern of damaging the pianos.

Feedback from the packers:

“Crating these 16 pianos took 2 packers less than 1.5 hours total from start to finish. We had a nice production line going, it was so quick and easy! They are so secure in the crates, not moving anywhere, safe as anything.” That works out to about 5 minutes for each piano to be fully crated from its flat-pack, by two packers that had only used the crates a few times before, showing just how easy they are. Wooden crates can take up to 30 minutes each. This is a time saving of 6.5 hours for 2 people (13 hours total).

Some of the major risks in transporting pianos without a crate come in the process of moving the piano into the container. This is eradicated because rebul crates allow the packer to place the piano on the base then assemble the palls around it. In addition,  the low abrasion surface of the Rebul Crate and high shock absorption of its base, both help provide the most practical protection for interstate or international piano relocations.

Rebul has experience producing packaging for a number of other antiques, heavy and cumbersome machinery, as well as electronics. We can combine all this knowledge to ensure the best protection for any valuable. Contact us today.


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