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Crate Consolidations

Reasons that crate consolidations are helpful:

  • Save money

  • Save space

  • Reduce packing time

However, crate consolidations can sometimes be a bad idea:

  • Weight – Too many objects consolidated makes the crate too heavy, greatly increasing the risk of dropping or rough handling

  • Size diversity – difference in dimension between objects means smaller objects can move and cause damage to other objects within the crate

  • Difference in material make-up – consolidating marble tops and paintings, glass tops and mirrors – or anything heavy with anything delicate, can be risky

Having said all this, if it is necessary to consolidate like this to save money for the move, we have a number of methods to greatly reduce these risks

  • Firstly, our crates are 1/6th the weight of wood crates, so you can always have fewer crates, more consolidations and not greatly increase the risk of rough handling – huge benefit

  • We can construct fixed or loose partitions with the crates to protect different sized and natured objects from damaging each other. Moreover, we can build supports and braces within the crate to stop some items from shifting and damaging others.

  • We have a wide range of all possible materials used in removals and arts industry. If we haven’t crated the exact item before, we have crated something very similar and will have ideas to help you

Here are just a few examples below of what we have done for consolidating multiple artworks, 3D models, sculptures etc. So if you have a number of valuable objects to crate, just contact us and we will ensure your move is prepared with the best possible protection.


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