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Collapsible pallet boxes and crates

Rebul can create a variety of collapsable boxes and cartons that easily fold up to save space in delivery and storage of the carton. As with all of our boxes and crates, our collapsible cartons can be reinforced and modified with a range of features for additional protection and improved handling.


  • Reusasble.

  • ISPM15 exempt (100% export compliant).

  • Can be made from the highest strength 7mm, 9mm, 15mm corrugated board, as well as 15mm, 25mm, or 30mm honeycomb board for even greater strength.

  • “Z-Fold” system for ease of collapsibility.

Collapsable Pallet Bins

Our collapsible pallet box is a great alternative to standard pallet bins with the added bonus of ease of delivery and storage for reuse, the box can be placed on either a traditional wood pallet or a honeycomb pallet. It is comprised of three easy to construct pieces that collapse down to the size of the pallet.

As with all Rebul Crates and Cartons, the box is highly customisable and can be reinforced to withstand any weight. The box can have a permanent honeycomb or plywood pallet base or be used with a standard pallet. Delivery is available Australia-wide in whatever strength or quantity you require.

This collapsible design can be made to custom dimensions or as a standard 1165 x 1165 pallet size.

Contact us today to discuss how we can best meet your needs.


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