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Expanded polyethylene (EPE) foam, comprises closed cell structures and is lauded for its lightweight, semi-rigid, and pliable composition, primarily utlised in packaging for buffering impacts, absorbing shocks, mitigating vibrations, and safeguarding surfaces.


EPE foam, a cost-efficient variant of expanded polyethylene foam, possesses uncrosslinked cells. Available in sheets, strips or custom cut to any size or shape, or bonded for more advanced internal packaging supports or almost any thickness. Its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio renders it indispensable in basic foam packaging.


Renowned for its adaptability, EPE foam can be easily moulded, formed, routed, and trimmed to size, making it an optimal choice for fabricating custom foam inserts in various cases such as Road Cases, Rebul Crates, Tradeshow crates, crates for electronics and scientific equipment cases. Its attributes extend beyond moldability, showcasing dust-free properties, non-abrasive texture, and commendable thermal insulation. Moreover, it exhibits remarkable resistance to petroleum, crude oil, and most chemicals while more eco-friendly and recyclable than polystyrene packaging inserts. There are more sustainable, high strength, protective, internal packaging supports in honeycomb board sheets.


Applications span a multitude of industries including packaging, automotive, aerospace, electronics, healthcare, construction, sports, marine, and industrial sectors.


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20mm Polyethylene foam sheets 2000 x 1000mm

Excluding GST |

20mm EPE 10-24 - 16% off

    • Sheet Dimensions: 2000x1000mm
    • Standard sheet thicknesses: 20mm, 40mm and 50mm. These can be bonded together to be made thicker.
    • Versatile for both domestic and industrial applications
    • Closed cell structure with uniform cell distribution
    • Flexibility and lightweight nature
    • Non-abrasive and non-corrosive
    • Non-toxic with minimal odor
    • High resilience and abrasion resistance
    • Effective thermal insulation and buoyancy
    • Excellent impact resistance and vibration dampening
    • Sound insulation properties
    • Cost-effective and user-friendly
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