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OzClip® is a multi-purpose hanging and security device designed as a permanent attachment to framed artworks.


​It eliminates expensive and labor-intensive fittings each time a painting is moved, and will keep the artwork secure while hanging or traveling. Oz Clips are compatible with existing hanging techniques and can be used with most traveling frames and storage cases.

Oz Clips are constructed of heavy-gauge brass (or steel) with a steel pivot pin. For installations, use the Oz Clip hanging device with the stainless-steel hanging loop. The Oz Clip holding device without loop is for transportation use only.


The Oz Clip can be used as an additional security measure in deterring theft. No longer is it necessary to drill and redrill frames for special fittings each time a painting is moved. These operations weaken and eventually ruin frames.


Oz Clip offers a system whereby one attachment is suitable for a life time of security, hanging, storage and travel operations. Oz Clip is compatible with existing hanging techniques and can be used with most travelling and storage frames and cases.


Load-bearing capacity is 350lbs (158kg) each for the 4” models and 250lbs (113kg) each for the 2” models.


More information about OzClip.


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