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Honeycomb sheets

Honeycomb Sheets

Honeycomb Board sheets can be purchased in standard sheet sizes or custom sizes or custom shapes for internal packaging supports. 

The uses of honeycomb board sheets are vast. From packaging reinforcement, internal packaging supports, blocking and bracing, dunnage / void filler etc. 


Honeycomb board sheets are available in any thickness from 5mm to 100mm and can be bonded together for greater thicknesses from there. Some thicknesses may be in stock at anytime (such as 10mm, 15mm, 25mm etc) others may require custom runs.


Honeycomb Board Sheet sizes can be made to any size or shape. Generally, standard sheet sizes are either:

  • 2400 x 1500mm or

  • 2400 x 1200mm. 


We can supply any quantity of honeycomb board sheets you require


We deliver Australia wide

Honeycomb Board
sustainable honeycomb cardboard

Honeycomb board is made of FSC certified recycled paper, making it one of the most sustainable transport packaging materials, print and display and construction void former materials. 


Contact us to discuss your honeycomb board requirements.

Honeycomb Board Sheet Applications

Void Filler & Dunnage Board - rather than filling space in a carton or crate with bubble wrap, foam, polystyrene, timber, do it more simply and sustainably with honeycomb board. Cut to any sheet size, shape, thickness (from 5mm to a few hundred mm), softness or strength. For transport and logistics companies using honeycomb board dunnage between pallets, these sheets can often be reused extensively to prevent shifting loads in trucks and containers as alternatives to dunnage bags and plywood. 

Creased, CNC Cut or Die Cut Honeycomb Board - cut to any shape or design. Just send us a SOLIDWORKS or CAD drawing of your product and our design team will determine the optimal packaging design to ensure best support and all round protection, minimise your packaging cost, ensure quick and simple packing. Creased honeycomb board provides huge core reinforcement protection.

Packaging Reinforcement - Greatly increase the stacking strength, impact resistance and shock absorbency of your cartons. Just a honeycomb base board to increase bending strength or full honeycomb board internal lining. Greatly increase the strength and protection to any product being transported with light weight honeycomb board.

Substrate - Honeycomb board can act as a great substrate for many applications where you require high bending strength, rigidity, light weight and easy bonding. 

Large Sheets Honeycomb

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