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Large Crates for Heavy Goods

All our crates are custom made to the required strength. We do this, because our machine based manufacturing process enables us to make exact dimensions, any dimensions.

Whether one dimension is 15 millimetres or 15 metres, 200 kg or 2 tonne, we can make a crate to do the protection and logistics job it needs to do, delivered when you need it.

What Rebul Crates do, is provide the quickest, easiest way to ensure the best protection of anything valuable. To better demonstrate, here are just a few examples of large crates we have made to export shipments.

See if you can figure out which one corresponds to the descriptions below:

  • 6500 x 100 x 1800mm solid marble dining table crate. This had to be carried by 12 people down a flight of stairs. It weighed over 600kg.

  • Metal Sculpture weighing 400kg, measuring 2800 x 2300 x 2920, by sea freight from Byron by to Macau for an exhibition

  • Jet Ski on a trailer, measuring 3600 x 1700 x 2100mm and weighing approx  500kg

  • A few 2000 x 2000 x 2300mm chandeliers, each weighing 300kg plus, suspended within the crate

  • Pianos stacked on top of each other.

  • Car Crate: 3 x car crates for Holden, for airfreight of 1.9 tonne demo vehicles to the USA. All delivered successfully, with reinforced base, and fully enclosed crate.

Do you have any large consignments with valuable freight that you are worried about and want to protect better? Contact us today to discuss your requirements.


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