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More information on all crate templates can be found below, with pictures and case studies available in your Removals Crating Resource list.

Multiple Artworks: Multiple Artwork crates can save money, space and reduce packing time.  The crates are designed to allow enough wrapping space for each individual item. Please be mindful that crate consolidations can sometimes be a bad idea. Too many objects consolidated makes the crate too heavy difference in dimension between objects means smaller objects can move and cause damage to other objects within the crate.  Also be careful with consolidating different material make-up – marble tops/paintings/glass tops/mirrors – or anything heavy can be risky when packed together.

Cabinet / Table / Statue: The cabinet / Table / Statue crate is the perfect crate design if you have something that requires a little more reinforcement to disperse the weight and ensure suitable support/shock absorption. A suitable template for anything usually 50-100kg in weight.

Chandelier: There are a number of packing and crating options for the transport and storage of chandeliers. Some chandeliers can support their own weight, and therefore can be rested on the base of the box or crate that you may have, while other chandeliers must be suspended, as their weight alone could damage the delicate structure and crystals. Hanging the chandelier in our crates is made very easy for the packer, with simple clasps to give them the flexibility to attach to a number of points on the chandelier. Once suspended, we can also supply foam chips, so all components are well cushioned and chandelier is unable to swing. Request foam chips if required.

LCL / Liftvan: Rebul Lift Van/LCL crates come delivered as a flat pack so they take up very little space.  The have a pallet base for forklift access and if the load is spaced evenly can hold up to 800kg.

Mirror: Our Mirror crate includes a layer of highly shock absorbent foam on the base of the crate. This in conjunction with export wrap helps provide a safe space for the mirror to be packed into. The most common area of difficulty is gilt edging. This is the fancy framing that can sometimes be on antique mirrors (as well as some artwork).  If your mirror has this please call us as it might require a specially designed mirror system, such as an internal hanging system. Call us to discuss if you think this may be required.

Motorcycle / Quad Bike / Scooter: All motorbike crates come with a dual access pallet base, 4 internal tie down points and a front wheel mount.  For crating, all motorcycles should be strapped and secured to the base of the crate. It is not recommended for them to be secured to be base with anything other than a ratchet strap. Why? Because ropes slip and loosen and more significantly depend more so on the skills of the tier than clicking over a ratchet. A nuclear proof crate won’t prevent a motorcycle from falling over inside if it isn’t tied properly. We can and often do supply ratchets with our crates to encourage this to be done by the packers.

Piano: The crates for all pianos Upright and Grand come with a reinforced base and semi pallet.  This helps give the crate the correct reinforcement and makes moving the packed piano easy and safe. A suitable crate template design for anything usually 100-250kg in weight.

Pool / Billiard Table: The crates are reinforced base and semi pallet.  This helps give the crate the correct reinforcement, rigidity and shock absorption critical for slate tops. This is also a suitable crate template design for anything usually 100-250kg in weight.

Table Top – Marble / Glass / Wood: Our table top crate includes a layer of heavy duty reinforcement on the base, on top of our very shock absorptive honeycomb board base. This in conjunction with export wrap helps provide a safe space for the brittle table top to be packed into. This will offer the necessary strength and durability as well as high levels of shock absorption, critical for these delicate items.

Standard: Ideal for any delicate items that usually weigh less than 50kg or where the load is very evenly distributed along the base. The Rebul Crate has an international multi-award winning patented design for transport protection, with thousands of satisfied customers around the world. Our Crates are made with a honeycomb board structure, providing a simple, convenient and affordable solution for anything valuable needing high strength protection in transit. Our experience and focus on the unique nature of each valuable item means you get attention to detail and consistent, high quality crate designs for each object. Rebul Crates are popular because they are affordable for one way use, yet entirely reusable. With 10 years of experience and continued growth, the Rebul Crate has proven itself in terms of strength, durability, simplicity and protection for valuable goods being transported interstate and overseas.

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