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Piano Crate

The delicate but heavy nature of pianos, make our Piano Crate the perfect choice for relocation and transport.

There are many brands of pianos and piano syles. The main categories are digital/electric pianos and traditional pianos. Then traditional pianos you have: Baby Grand Pianos, Grand Pianos, Concert Grand Pianos, Small, Large Upright Pianos, and Pianolas. 

Grand Pianos

In the Grand Piano range, the legs are always removed, both digital and traditional. But traditional grand pianos are crated on their side, with the keys of the piano pointing vertically, lying along their flat side and the kidney void in the top corner. In this space, often the legs of the piano can be wrapped and packed. Usually with grand pianos, it is recommended that the lid is removed from the piano, wrapped, and placed in the crate next to the piano. This helps prevent any damage to the piano itself in transit.

With digital grand pianos – these weigh on average approx. 90kg and can be crated flat (not on their side). As they are usually much smaller than the traditional grand, they do not usually have a long flat edge on their side on which to stand them for crating.

Upright Pianos

Traditional upright pianos, usually have castors and weigh 200kg+. The crates for these, therefore, come with reinforced bases. Digital upright pianos, do not tend to have castors and weigh less than 100kg. The crate bases are still reinforced but it is not necessary to do so to the same degree.

Our piano crates are a design modification of our extremely popular Rebul Crate, using a unique honeycomb structure to provide the best protection for your valuables.

Why Rebul Piano Crates are best for protecting pianos:

  1. Ease of packing and unpacking access: With our piano crates, the piano packer starts with just the base of the crate, so many packers can place the piano easily on its side onto the base of the crate. Only then, are the side walls added and built around the piano. This 360-degree access ensures safe carrying, no injury to the packer, and the best packing and securing of the piano.

  2. High shock absorption: With any musical instrument, often shock is its biggest enemy. Our piano crates are made with strong yet very shock absorbant bases, to help take the shock always involved in handling and transit.

  3. Strength: Our piano crates are as strong as a wooden crate and entirely stackable, bearing hundreds of kilograms on top.

  4. No issues with fumigation for export of your crate

  5. Flatpack down for ease of storage and potential reuse on your next move

If you would like some help with crating a piano, we have the experienced crate designs to do the most dependable job. Please contact us.


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