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Export Crate

Export compliance with ISPM15 regulations runs to the core of why Rebul has been established. Every crate Rebul makes is exempt from ISPM15 timber regulations, therefore in choosing our export crates you avoid any additional administration, cost or consequences of non compliant timber crating.

We have 10 years’ experience of making custom crates for export overseas. Depending on the mode of transport, item being packed, access required, and reusability, we will tailor your crate design to make everything simple and ensure dependable delivery.

Whether your export crate will be sent sea freight or air freight, one way, re-imported back into Australia or multiple reuses, we will make the strength and durability suitable for best protection. Not only will be ensure the best protection of anything valuable being transported overseas, we will do it using materials that are completely compliant and more environmentally sustainable.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.


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