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Delicates Triwall Carton/Crate

The Delicates Crate is designed as a more reliable option when you don’t feel confident with delicate and expensive items being packed into a standard carton. Even if the carton is conscientiously packed, no degree of padding can provide protection against excessive weight being placed on a carton or other external pressure.  The Delicates Crate flat packs, making it easy to store when not in use. The crates are made to the size of the standard removals carton, which then go inside the crate. On delivery of the relocation, the carton is removed from the delicates crate and the crate is taken away and reused. Fully assembled or disassembled in seconds.

Dependable crate protection for expensive crystals, statues, porcelain etc.

  • Fits a standard carton packed inside

  • Flat packable, durable, and reusable

  • High strength, rigid wall construction for hundreds of kilograms of top-loading strength

  • High shock-absorbing material

  • fully assembled or disassembled in seconds

Crates are available in any quantity and dimensions to suit your standard carton. Contact us if your move has expensive and delicate items and we will help ensure these are protected through relocation. It is a simple, flexible, reusable, and cost-effective solution to ensure the best protection through relocation.


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