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Chandelier Crate

Our Chandelier Crate can be customised with different options for the transport and storage of different types of chandeliers.

Some chandeliers can support their own weight, and therefore can be rested on the base of a box or crate, while other chandeliers must be suspended, as their weight alone could damage the delicate structure and crystals.

Hanging the chandelier in our crates is made very easy for the packer, with simple clasps to give them the flexibility of attaching to a number of points on the chandelier.

Once suspended, foam chips are poured in to fill every crack and crevice, and thus keep the chandelier components separated from damaging each other and prevent the chandelier from swinging.

Alternatively, the chandelier can be braced at key points. This can be done at any job, simply using our self-adhesive foam packing blocks, as pictured below.

Case Study:

Four chandeliers needing to be crated for transport and storage. The largest was 2.1 x 2.1 x 2.8 metres and weighed 400kg. All chandeliers had to be suspended within their crates. Given the size and weight of these, the design had to ensure maximum strength to handle many years of storage.

Rebul was given just 5 days notice from the time of order to the chandeliers being crated in Adelaide. Not only did these crates need to suspend very large chandeliers, but they also needed to be able to flat pack for ease of transport out to the job in Adelaide.

The design of the Rebul Crate gave the packers complete flexibility to pack the chandelier from any side of the crate. Because of the size and weight, a hydraulic lift was used to crane each chandelier into the crate from the top and side as shown above. The chandelier is suspended by a hook built into the internal roof, but the strength is taken from the lid and side panels. Once fully closed the crate will become significantly stronger in supporting the chandelier. Everything worked perfectly according to plan.


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