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Car Crate

Rebul provides custom-made car crates for overseas transport and shipping containers. Options include full crates or hoods to allow better space efficiency when shipping vehicles in containers.

Full Car Crate

  • Regularly used to airfreight cars around the world for GM Holden, Removalists and Freight Forwarders

  • Car Crates are reinforced to ensure necessary strength, with internal tie-down hooks to strap and secure wheels

  • Custom made to minimise airfreight volume

  • ISPM15 exempt export crate


Full Car Hood

  • Depending on the vehicle size, provides approx 12 additional cubic metres of additional packing space, for a small to large sedan, within a standard container height

  • Provides over 1 tonne of top-loading strength using consistent, reliable, high quality crating materials

  • Total time for assembly to completion is approx 20 minutes by 2 people.

  • At the receiving end, the car crate only takes 20 minutes to remove and disassemble into a flat pack for potential reuse. Saving materials and saving time.

  • No tools needed, no carpentry skills needed

  • ISPM15 exempt export crate, no wood used

  • Available in quantities of 1, 3 and 5


Car Bonnet Hood

  • Used where only a few additional cubic metres need to fit in the shipping container, and the only space is in the void space above the vehicle.

  • While ensuring the bonnet and windscreen are protected, the car bonnet crate provides approximately, an additional 2.5 cubic metres of additional packing space within a standard shipping container height.

  • Full constructed and secured in place, by one person in about 10 minutes

  • Secure windscreen protector/bulkhead is made to suit the height of standard containers and Hi Cube Containers

  • ISPM15 exempt export crate, no wood used

  • Available in quantities of 1, 3 and 5


Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Patent applied for AU2015901619


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