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Consistently strong, our unique design results in a dependable bulkhead, that avoids the problems with bowing / weak / inconsistent quality timber, prone to breakage. They are easily and consistently installed, by any packer in about a minute, avoiding the problems of bulkheads made to varying designs or relying on key individuals time availability for installation.

  • The flexibility to be able to be installed by any packer in a few minutes, at the depot or client residence.

  • Entirely Reusable between depots.

  • Will flat pack down to just 2150 x 1150mm, so easily stored and ready to use at any minute, without any set up time, carpentry or design know how.

  • No consequences with warped or bent containers.

  • Exempt from ISPM15 export restrictions.

Order Qty of 15 (half pallet): $143 + GST per Bulk Head Pack

Order Qty of 30 (full pallet): $128 + GST per Bulk Head Pack


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