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3D Art and Sculpture Crate

You want…

  • High levels of crate strength and protection for your artwork

  • To reduce the risk of a forklift damaging during transport of your artwork.

  • To be able to carry the crate more easily

  • A crate that is not cumbersome, heavy or that needs tools, screws or nails.

Reduced Risk of damage through lighter, easier and safer carrying, generally 1/6th the weight of wooden crates. This helps avoid the need for forklifts on a much more regular basis than wooden crates. Forklifts are one of the biggest causes of damage to artworks through national and international transport.

Quicker, easier packing and unpacking without the need for any tools.

Flat packable and easily reusable. Rebul Crates can be made to the durability required, as shown by our touring exhibition crates, which commonly travel for 2 years+.

Rebul Art Crates are a more cost effective way to ensure high levels of customised protection for transport. More environmental than heavy wooden crates.

The world of sculptures is wide and varied. No stock standard solution for crating and protecting them can be followed. All of our crate solutions are designed to take the ‘science’ out of crating.

At Rebul we understand the uniqueness of each piece and will custom design a crating solution with our expert knowledge and experience accompanied by pride for protecting art and history. Our crates are designed to ensure maximum protection in transit and while packing. We offer a range of products and services to ensure each transaction is based on the individual piece and scenario.

The Rebul crate can be assembled around the piece giving you 360-degree access to the valuable while packing to ensure no damage is done in the process and allows intricate supports to be put in place, which only apply pressure to areas of the art that can withstand it. The Rebul crate provides excellent shock absorption and minimises abrasion while being lightweight which dramatically decreases the chance of rough handling.

Let us help with crating and handling of your delicate sculpture, contact us for a free quote today.


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