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Rebul Australia has the expertise and experience you can trust to handle large and sensitive medical equipment.


We understand that medical equipment can be heavy, oversized, fragile, or contain delicate lasers, lenses, and gauges requiring specialized attention.


These items can't simply be placed in any type of container and be expected to survive the rigors of shipping.


That's why Rebul Australia is dedicated to the specific practices and ongoing education necessary for the handling and packaging of medical equipment, and has proven successful for over 20 years.

Experience you can trust

We engineer custom-crafted solutions for secure medical equipment packaging and transport.

Our highly trained team meticulously assesses each item's needs (dimensions, fragility, value) to design optimal packaging, crating, and transportation. Secure mounting, support, cushioning, and custom Rebul crates ensure safe arrival.

We take pride in our proven record

Packaging and shipping medical equipment is an incredibly complex and detail oriented effort and we take pride in our excellence in supporting these projects. Whether you want to ship one medical device or move your entire medical office, we will devote ourselves to getting the project complete swiftly, safely, and carefully with the attention to detail you expect. 

wooden crate

Rebul Australia leads the way in secure medical equipment shipping and custom packaging.


Our customized approach ensures optimal solutions for any device, from delicate lasers to bulky MRI machines. We have demonstrated experience working with:

  • Temperature-Controlled Pharmaceuticals: Medications like vaccines need refrigeration to maintain effectiveness.

  • Precision Surgical Instruments: These must remain sterile and protected from contamination.

  • High-Value Machinery: Equipment such as CT scanners, MRI machines, and X-ray technology often necessitates secure and cushioned transport.

  • Fragile Devices: Items containing delicate components such as gauges, lenses, or mirrors.

  • Large or Heavy Equipment: MRI machines, hospital beds, and treatment tables may need custom crating and handling.

  • Electronic Devices with Batteries: Certain regulations apply to devices with lithium batteries during transport.

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