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At Rebul we pride ourselves in the ability to customise packaging for a broad variety of industries. We have had years of proven success in providing quality products and service to a range of artists, manufacturers, removalists, and freight forwarders. We are continuously expanding to supply more complex aspects of industry through innovation and cooperation.

The extensive range of boxes and crates we offer include; our Award-winning Honeycomb BoardRebul CratesCustom Cartons, and traditional wood crates.


All products can be customised, maximising safety with specialised packaging support to suit the uniqueness of your valuable, keeping in mind transport conditions, longevity, and budget.

Paintings, Sculptures, Bespoke Furniture, & Antiques

Rebul has been trusted by artists, galleries, collectors, and museums around Australia since 2005, providing the ultimate protection for art in transit. Collecting, wrapping, packing, crating and transporting artworks nationally and internationally. We work closely with artists and galleries to ensure we completely understand the uniqueness of each artwork, to design the most suitable transport packaging for its journey and handling environments.

rebul honeycomb cardboard
rebul wooden crates

Machinery, Equipment, & Electronics

Rebul works with small and large scale manufacturers, in industries such as automotive, electronic, telecommunications, medical, and defence. If your product is valuable and you have to ensure safe delivery, Rebul has the experience and proven crate designs to ensure the most reliable outcome. We regularly work with companies that have to transport large, cumbersome, and very valuable machinery and equipment, thus we have extensive experience providing large crates on a daily basis. We also provide more intricate crates for sensitive electronics and components.

Residential house moves & Business equipment moves

Whether the move is domestic or international, our crates are preferred by removals company’s Australia wide. You can also feel confident if you are managing your own house or business move, our crates are very easy to use and we are most happy to answer any questions along the way.

Flat Packed Rebul Crates for awaiting transport
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