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Bespoke Furniture Crates

Handcrafted bespoke furniture can be as delicate as it is heavy. No stock standard solution for crating and protecting these can be followed. All of our crate solutions are designed to take the ‘science’ out of crating. Our custom crates are individually designed with internal crate supports, to protect your unique pieces and timbers, minimising shock and ensuring necessary pressure is maintained only where it can be applied.

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Each piece of your furniture is a unique work of art. So you may find reading through our art sculpture crates 3D Art and Sculpture Crate page helpful. Also, many of our clients are removals, so moving furniture is an area of specialty for us.

Other box/crate options

  • Rebul Crates

  • High Strength boxes

Packing & transport

You have three options for packing. We can send your custom crates to you for packing yourself. Alternatively you can utilize our specialist packers onsite or we can arrange for your items to be delivered to our office for packing. Wherever your furniture needs to be picked up from or delivered to, our friendly staff can arrange the transport.

Let us help with crating your bespoke furniture, contact us for a free quote today.

Rebul Australia are the experts in bespoke furniture protection

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